Tuesday, May 15, 2012

how to choose a topic for a research paper-video

Choosing a strong topic for a research paper or term paper is a difficult work and it is one of the complex and initial part of research.You should choose the topic based on your interest.Because you are responsible for the whole paper and you are the only person going to study and work with the complete research paper.

The below video gives some tips to choose the topic of your research paper

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Simple procedure for writing term paper

procedure for writing term paper
A Research paper or term paper is the study of various sources on a particular subject.
Some of the simple procedure for writing term paper is listed below.Totally it has three steps. If you follow the steps carefully, then you should make a good term paper.

1.Choose the subject topic:
The general error made by students in choosing subject is, they choose a very common or popular topics. They dont know that, the popular topics becomes a very long paper to study. So try to choose simple and non popular subjects.
Choose the paper based on your interest,because you are the only person to handle the paper.

2.Collect notes:
The first thing to follow is, before writing you should have the thorough knowledge about the subject.so that you should collect all the details about the subject and simply do a research on your paper. First you should know the background of the choosen subject topic.You should have a open mind to learn new things, otherwise the research is totally bad.So try to collect new things in two ways. The first thing is looking the new way of old problem and the second thing is discuss with friends,neighbours and try to learn new things related to your research from their paper.Doing online discussion is one of the good way to gather various information.

3.Make a outline of term paper:
Many students skip this step.It is similar to road map. It is used as a path finder. The purpose of outline is to find where you are in the whole subject and how much distance you have to go.It is the skeleton of your term paper. There are various ways to make a guidelines.
The general steps to make a guideline is as follows.
Give the introduction about the paper and what kind of material you are used for study.
Setting the background or theme.Write the main idea of each paragraph.
List the questions, you cant find the answer yet.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Materials and methods to be used in research paper:

  • Use past tense through out the introduction. There is an exception for some generally facts and figures
  • Acronyms should be avoided. It is always good to use simple word so that readers will find easy when they read the study.
  • Introduction is very important in the research paper. The research paper should be simple, powerful and also logical to all he readers.
  • Paragraphs which are long should be avoided, Better break the paragraphs into smaller paragraphs.
  • Don’t be afraid to place a good heading in the introduction and discussion.

  • Scientific procedures should not be over explained.
  • It is always good to explain the text in a third person passive tense.
  • Always give explanation in detail from which company you have taken the experiment verification.
  • The sources of typical labware are pipet tips, cell culture flasks.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Main important points for making the research paper publish

  • Always make sure whether the topic is used in any other fields about your topic.
  • Taking time to experiment design is always advisable. When you rush into work then the proper Design will get into mistakes so beware moving fast.
  • Choose the materials wisely when you design. If the product is similar in many companies then that process will not at many times.
  • First you should know for what you are studying, why you need to study about the project and also the results will give you the best contribution at the pool of knowledge.
  • Focus your efforts on the hypothesis.
  • You should always move with deeper and deeper about the subject you want to study when it goes smoothly. The deeper you study you will get more knowledge in detail. This will lead you to success.
  • If you are planning to publish the study in high level journal then you have to research more. If you are trying to publish the journal in a low level means then you have to move with the different plan. Also you should have knowledge where to publish the study.
  • If you want the study to get uploaded then you have to undergo review of the document needed.
  • Many journals will ask the documents of the copies in detail.

This is the general instructions of the Manuscript in detail.